Manufacturing Industry Of Chicago And Its Future

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Until 19th century, in an industry, almost all the projects were handled by engineers themselves. Halfway through the 20th century, project management evolved as a discipline in the field of engineering, construction, manufacturing and defense. As industrial evolution took place complexity of the projects undertaken by industry increased and organizations began applying management tools and techniques to plan these complex projects. Nowadays, from past 30 -40 years, project management has been integral part of almost every industry. Be it a pharmaceutical, IT, healthcare or government agency; project management thrives in it. Hence surely, it has changed the face of industrial project in terms of planning, organizing and controlling the resources to achieve the desired goals. And it will continue to do so in future. The article supports the claim that industrial project management has changed over the years and will evolve more and more in the future also. The Chicago Tribune article considers manufacturing industry of Chicago and its future in today’s world of globalization. By nature, manufacturing is heavily attached to process. Each process is followed by another and product is built cumulatively at each step in sequential order and in quality controlled environment. Project management is very effective in manufacturing industry because it is also process based and various phases in project management affects product cycle in manufacturing directly. The important
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