Essay on Manufacturing Operations and Managing Services

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GD GOENKA WORLD INSTITUTE Module-gmsi402 MANUFACTURING OPERATIONS AND MANAGING SERVICES SUBMITTED TO SUBMITTED BY Mr. S. Dass NITIN KANT BHARDWAJ ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express my gratitude towards my coursework in charge Mr S. Das under whose guidance and support I completed my coursework successfully on time. INTRODUCTION The case I am provided with is about the natural calamities that occurred in Japan on March 11, 2011. The disasters that took place in Japan include a 9.0 magnitude, Tsunami waves as high as 40 metres travelled up to 10 kilometres…show more content…
Following measures were taken into practice by the Recovery Committee to coordinate the company’s response to the disaster. 1. Sharing of information- Nissan developed an integrated processing unit to innovate the idea process and contribute in the improvising phase. The management identified that the units operating outside Japan would need information but doing so might affect those on the ground handling the disaster. Moreover it might also be used by the other market players for improvising their own shortcomings. As a counter response towards these two problems operating units from all over the world were asked to send two staff members to Japan to work together on the problems best utilizing their knowledge and skills. Rather than acting as a drain to the local response, all the regional players contributed to solutions. Moreover it helped units from other industries in attaining a better understanding of the problems Japan was coming across and helped in building up the organization. In this situation the diversification of the company helped it to overcome problems. 2. Allocation of supply- It became difficult for the company after the disaster to meet the weekly and monthly capacity constraints. Distribution of component parts was getting difficult across the operational network of the company. The company assembled all the departments of the company like marketing, sales and the regional supply chain management functions for the effective
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