Manufacturing Problems Within China And China

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Manufacturing Problems in China Manufacturing is by definition a way to create a product on a wide range scale using advanced machinery. With that said it should be evident enough that manufacturing and the industry itself is a big part of our world. This fact alone, it should be able to illustrate enough that manufacturing has helped everything from countries to governments to even individuals grow and make a profit off of making goods while making them in a fast, large quantity for cheap in order to provide goods for many people across the world. This comes at a heavy cost however , since the resources, labor and sacrifice needed to make these goods in a fast while efficient way is costly not only to our environment but to the public…show more content…
However this comes at the cost of being one of the biggest polluters in our world today but while this does affect us in a big way, it horribly affects the public health the Chinese people greatly. Most notably the atmosphere, In fact according to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, China is leading the world in Carbon dioxide emissions with over 9 million in metric tons of CO2 being released by china in the air in 2011 compared to the United States which had about a little over 5 million metric tons (UN). With that fact in mind one can only imagine how bad the air quality is in cities due to many manufacturing plants letting out many dangerous chemicals out into the air for the public to end up breathing up. According to an article of The New York Times, a paper done by a research organization named Berkeley Earth reported that about the three out of eight of the air the Chinese population breathes is rated unhealthy with the report also finding that the most deadly air particles cause an array of diseases such as asthma, lung cancer, heart related illnesses while also causing strokes. (Levin)
Consequently the manufacturing do even more than just threaten public health, they affects the country 's natural resources negatively that they need so urgently. For example the manufacturers in the Chinese textile industry are considered one of the biggest polluters. However the industry in particular are mostly
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