Manuscript In A Bottle By Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe was an avid writer who began fluidly sending poetry to his love interests after which he became deeply engrossed in Gothic literature, becoming a literary genius whose influence remains even today despite his untimely death. He grew up in an odd family tree and developed a love interest with Gothic literature. Poe caught the wandering eye of many, the majority of whom still enjoy his writings. He was an interesting man who wrote from his heart, spent days working on a poem or short story until he found it to be perfect. In many cases, his audience found it just as perfect and well worth the time he spent on it.
Edgar was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. His mother’s name was Elizabeth Arnold and his father’s name was David Poe. Poe had two siblings, Henry and Rosalie. Elizabeth Arnold came to the United States, from England in 1796 and married David Poe after her first husband in 1805. David was born in Baltimore on July 18,
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While he wrote “Manuscript in a Bottle” is when he moved Virginia and his aunt to come back to Richmond and live with him. They were married 11 years until her death in1847. Poe’s wife passed away on January 30, 1847. He saw it coming, and became distressed and stopped writing for a period of time. After she died, he collapsed due to stress but gradually regained his health in that same year. Virginia died 10 days after Poe’s birthday. She died because of a blood vessel that had burst while she was playing the piano. Later she developed tuberculosis the year she passed (“Biography of Edgar Allan Poe” 1)
In 1845, Poe was 36 years old and wrote “the Raven” and it was published in 1849. Poe spent 14 hour days working on this poem (“Biography of Edgar Allan Poe” 1). He wrote this poem with “Other Poems” in one book. The poem is about a stressed student who loses his love, Lenore. A raven comes to remind the student of Lenore, its only response being “Nevermore” (“’The Raven’ A Poem by
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