Many Answers to the Difference Between a Lyric and a Poem Essay

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What is the difference between a lyric and a poem? This question has been asked for hundreds of years by thousands of people, and you are likely to find hundreds of thousands of answers. The answer is going to be as subjective as the question itself, yet very important to serious artists everywhere. Being that what we are talking about is artistic, therefore emotional by nature, it might be best to detach from emotion for a minute and try to answer the question that way. First of all, the term musical poem is a bit of an oxymoron. It is trying to give lyrics a new term, but poems were never meant to be set to music. They were, and still are, meant to be a romantic way of expressing emotion. The fact that they do not have to adhere to…show more content…
A really good writer will be able to take a lyric, find the emotional meaning of it, and tear out the unnecessary constraints that make it read easy, while leaving the emotion intact. Ask that same writer what the difference is between a lyric and poem and he'll likely give you an earful. Lyric writers do what they do because they believe that words accompanied by music have more of an effect on the reader/listener. That, and we all know that when you're in a band you get a lot chicks. Seriously though, lyric writers do not really mind the extra work that goes into writing their lyrics because they see it as part of their job. They also see it as a way of conveying what they feel. Most writers of any form will tell you that is a major reason for doing what they do. They seem to have this need to make others feel the way they do. A poet can argue the same thing and they will both be convinced that they are right. There is no disputing however that both are forms of art. They both take what the writer is thinking and feeling, and make words on a piece paper that enable the reader to see things the way the writer does. This is what good art does. It takes the person who is reading, seeing or listening to it to another frame of mind. One that looks at the piece on a slightly different level than what they are used to seeing life on. This being the case, people need to remember that
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