`` Many Boys Today Define Masculinity Negatively `` By Leonard Sax

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1. For each writer/article presented, write a 5-7 sentence summary of their article. Remember to include the author 's name and the article title in the first sentence of the summary. Describe the arguments each author makes, but keep your tone neutral/unbiased/reporter-like. 2. Write 5-7 sentences explaining which author you think made the best argument. Describe why you think the author "won" the argument. You do not need to agree with the author to think they won the argument. Are We Raising Sexist Sons? 1. In “Many Boys Today Define Masculinity Negatively”, the author Leonard Sax writes about how the meaning of masculinity has become redefined in a negative way. Sax states that the phrase “Be a man!” didn’t always mean to not be feminine, the phrase originally meant to be courteous, respectful, and competent. The original intention of this phrase to have boys emulate the wholesome family men in popular culture but in recent years the men portrayed in pop culture have become less principled. This change in role models has led masculinity to be seen as a negative aspect in society today. Sax believes that the best solution for this issue is to give young boys the guidance they need by connecting them with gentlemen from past generations who actually learned what it meant to be a man. The “Moms, and Dads, Need to Say Something”, by Kate Lombardi focuses on how parents need to educate their children about sexism early on. In her article Lombardi states that

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