Many Communities That Are Underdeveloped Run The Risk Of

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Many communities that are underdeveloped run the risk of higher criminal activity within one community. In most cases, the community is less wealthy which directly correlates to more crime. Schools that are poorly funded, as well as limited amount of other resources in communities for kids only leads to problems. Low-income neighborhoods have few resources to address problems such as behavioral issues, academic difficulty, and medical needs of students within the districts. Typically communities that have these characteristics also provoke violence. According to Cornell, “Aggressive children and adolescents who are living in neighborhoods with high levels of community violence, drug and firearm trafficking, gang presence, and inadequate…show more content…
If more people become armed, LaPierre thinks this will reduce the number of shootings because a citizen who legally obtained a concealed carry permit could resolve the threat. Most recently, when states passed concealed carry laws, the number of multiple victim shootings declined by 84 percent, a statistic that supports LaPiere 's claim. This statement also reinforces the fact that guns could be potentially life saving in regards to self defense. Police do their best to respond to calls as fast as they can, however sometimes victims cannot wait for law enforcement, and must take matters into their own hands. During these circumstances however, the self defense is not always justified, Jonathan Metzl a journalist with the National Library of Medicine reported “Interpersonal conflicts resolved by fatal shootings jumped by 200 percent after Florida passed stand your ground law in 2005” (Metzl). Stand your ground was a law enacted by legislature giving citizens the right to disarm a threat they thought was threatening. The spike in fatal shootings in Florida led to questions such as when and where should deadly force be used appropriately? In addition, pro-gun advocates are strong believers in the second Amendment of the Constitution. Wrote by our founding fathers, “the right of the people to keep peace and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” For many, these words are enough reasons as to why guns should not be taken away
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