Many Conflicts in History

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Why does such deadly and horrifying conflict occur? Throughout history, conflict has repeated itself in many ways. Conflict has come from similar reasons from the past. Having similar technology or just picking another fight in the first place can also cause conflict.

Sometimes conflict will occur from similar reasons, which may happen in repetition. In the text of “North Dakota’s oil boom gives birth to new breed of migrant worker” (Newsela), a man named Andrew Klefstad goes to work in North Dakota for the same reason as anybody else; he needs more money for bills and other expenses. Andrew occasionally goes to North Dakota to clean oil spills all for the money he needs at home. People like Andrew need to go to North Dakota to solve the same conflict, money, and every time somebody goes to work like Andrew they go to work for the same reason repeatedly. When conflict occurs, people may fight for the same reason as before to make sure that they are fine, or because they really need to solve their problem where they know there is an answer.

Reacting to a conflict can make someone feel tethered, but once they solve the conflict and find that the something similar might happen again, they will most likely react to what problems may occur. China can be used as an example with the Newsela article “China ends one-child policy for some couples”. What the title states is in the article, the one child law in China is being tweaked and changed for some people with at least one
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