Many Countries/Regions Around The World Strive To Have

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Many countries/regions around the world strive to have a peaceful population however this is very rarely achieved. Only eleven countries in the world have no violence or major conflict, and these countries are considered ‘peaceful’. In recent years, the deterioration of global peace has become obvious with 2015 being a bad year for international peace and security. According to the latest Global Peace Index report, in 2015, the world experienced the highest number of global battle deaths for 25 years, frequently high terrorism levels and the highest number of refugees and displaced people since World War II. Fighting wars (in order to gain peace) has a substantial affect on the world and especially those involved in conflict. Three main…show more content…
From expenditures recorded, in 2015 alone, the United Nations devoted $8.27 billion to peacekeeping however this on totaled 1.1% of the estimated $742 billion of economic losses from armed conflict. Other aspects of war that is costly include the expenses of losses of armed conflict, homicides, violent crime, security and the police and sexual assault. Health issues are also a result of combat and combat – induced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) creates two-year costs of $1.5 to $2.7 billion on the U.S. care system alone.

The emotional effect of war on soldiers was not explored greatly until the 20th century where soldiers were studied psychologically. It was only at this point that it was understood how significant war can be on an individual. Conflict has a large psychological impact on those who have fought in war and PTSD is commonly associated with these people. Troops are at an extensively higher risk of suicide or thoughts of suicide, depression and PTSD. This common disorder causes the sufferer to experience/recall specific traumatic events of war and will react strongly to any reminder/aspect of life that reminds them of this distress previously experienced. As a result, victims’ lives are very isolated and vulnerable as they are tentative to go to social events
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