Essay on Many Cultures, One Place

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The various political and cultural differences that the European Union nations have are the main qualities of why this system is not efficient. In the article: One Europe, Two Citizens by Pavel Kelly-Tychtl, the author argues that the European Union will have many difficulties to succeed because of the multiple differences that these nations possess. Published in the year 2003, the article appeals to the values of people and their feelings towards loosing their identity and nationalism towards their country. The main ideas of this article are trying to prove that the European Union is not the best system to unite nations in the world.

In this article the author tries to give us a clear perspective of the problems that the European
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However, the author differs with this concept because he understands form his personal experience and of what he is seeing that the people will loose their identity. These examples given by the author make the audience believe in them because they come from his personal experience with the subject. Most of these examples affect the reader of the article in the way that it is a subject that deals with their life and affects them in a negative way. This people know that they will loose a big part of their culture and personality among other things if they become part of the European Union. The European Union may seem as the best example to unite people in Europe and even maybe in other parts of the world. However, the truth is that it is very difficult to unite these different types of characteristics and in fact is more credible to see this countries disagreeing, rather than to see them come into an agreement.

The examples given in this article come from a person that has an extensive knowledge in the subject and makes the use of outside sources that are credible for the audience. The author, Pavel Kelly-Tychtl works for the Brussels-based European Citizens Action Service (3). This particular characteristic that he has makes the reader aware that the source is credible and that all the information given by him is actualized. When giving his opinion and examples about the topic, the author demonstrates a type of anger towards the subject
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