Many Factors Can Contribute To The Downfall Of A Relationship.

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Many factors can contribute to the downfall of a relationship. In “Home Burial”, a modernist poem by Robert Frost, the death of s child causes said downfall. In “Your Love is Killing Me” by Sharon Van Etten, the cause of the decline in the relationship is unknown. Though similar in the way they depict the downfall of relationships, “Home Burial” and “Your Love is Killing Me” differ in their attitudes towards said relationships. “Your Love is Killing Me” by Sharon Van Etten deals with the breaking down of a relationship as it happens. The imagery of the poem is fierce, underscoring the fierce and toxic nature of the relationship at hand. In the refrain, Break my legs so I won’t run to you Cut my tongue so I can’t talk to you Burn my…show more content…
“Home Burial” and “Your Love is Killing Me” share a great deal thematically. Both deal with the violent and incomplete breakdown of a relationship, one due to the loss of a child and one due to an unnamed “...turn of events being led by our (the couple’s) own fantasies,” (12). Before the events transpired in either relationship, the couples were, for all we know, happy. In “Home Burial” this can be seen through the couple’s choice to marry and have a child together. In Van Etten’s work this can be seen through the lines “We’ve been through better days/And you’ve tasted all my pain” (3-4) , showing that the couple shared happy and fulfilling memories together. Similarly, the current status of both relationships is fragile. At the end of “Home Burial,” the wife walks out, leaving the husband in a rage. This violence is described through the husband’s declaration, “ ‘ I will follow and bring you back by force,’” (LINE). The violent sentiment is also displayed in “Your Love is Killing Me” via the stanza: There he let is go, his temper, standing there. … Everyone’s knees knockin’ at the fear of love Taste blood (21-24) The similarities in male aggression draw a parallel between the women in these poems. Van Etten’s speaker, seemingly female, is afraid of her lover. She no longer feels safety and warmth in the relationship. The wife in “Home Burial” feels the same way, as can be seen through her physically cowering away from her husband, as
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