Many Jobs Require Employees To Work A Specific Amount Of

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Many jobs require employees to work a specific amount of hours each day, but some also happen to give into overtime. Overtime is when someone works over the amount of time that is provided for them each day. Some professions that are common to work overtime are doctors, nurses, lawyers, etc. Studies have linked that overtime can produce increasing amounts of erratic and irregular behavior while working. When asked to stay longer to work, people begin to gain fatigue and not be as diligent with their task. There has been recent study and research done on how strenuous work activity of long hours can point to heart disease and strokes, higher mortality rate increases the amount of time spent finding new employees instead of working. Without…show more content…
Technology will continue to be more productive than humans as they are programmed to never stop working and humans tend to do more pauses when they are working. Thompson happens to work for The Atlantic where he writes about economics, labor markets, and the media. Another study shows that the “International Federation of Robotics, overall paid employment has risen”which increases the productivity (Syed, R. & Qureshi, M, 2014). In Brazil, China, Republic of Korea, Germany, and USA has found increasing amounts of employment from robots overtaking menial and jobs that people can’t endure during the day due to lack of work hours. While the USA is jumping on the bandwagon of the trend of adding robots to workplaces, it is known to have only half as many robots as Germany. Stated in the Saf Health Work article it says,“this allows such an increase in production”. In return, it is more of a benefit to the company in the perspective of getting the work that needs to be done finished. Similarly, Japan’s population is always growing and this gives them a higher demand for robots to help out in hospitals and health clinics to make it run efficiently and effectively. The Saf Health Work article researches articles based off
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