Many People Surmise That Products In Advertisements Do

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Many people surmise that products in advertisements do what they promise to. The same people will believe any claim to be true when the face of a authoritative figure like Kim Kardashian is included in the advertisement. When the topic of fitness and health, self-esteem, or self- confidence is brought into play, potential customers will readily buy into the probability that one product can positively and effectively change their lives (without any knowledge that they are being manipulated by fallacies). This is exactly what happened when Skechers released their Shape Ups trainer shoe in 2009, the advertisements Skechers provided promised: increased muscle strength, higher blood circulation, and a significant height increase. These…show more content…
Which proves that Skechers will go as far as, blatantly lying to customers to make a profit off of their fallacy-filled-product. In the advertisement, Skechers claims that by wearing Shape-ups a person will “tone and develop strong muscles”, have “improved blood circulation”, and turn arches into “powerful wifi hotspots”. In order for these claims to appear true and reliable, Skechers uses Kim Kardashian, to advertise the Shape Ups campaign. By showing that Kim Kardashian wears Shape Ups, it imposes a correlation to anyone viewing the advertisement that “if she wears them and she is in good shape, then that will inevitably happen to me.” But that is simply not the case as evidence has come to show. Firstly, Skechers claim to strengthen muscle is entirely false. Shape Ups do not tone or strengthen your lower extremities like promised that statement alone is purely manipulative. In his article, Science Says: Skechers Shape-Ups Are Worthless Jeff Barnett writes, “Every time it appeared research tests might find a muscle that was worked harder by the Shape Up shoes, it turned out the added weight from the bottom foot padding was the culprit, not the profile of the shoe.” Secondly, the Shape Ups advertisement states that taking a stroll with a pair of Sketchers Shape-ups will improve blood circulation and as a result
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