Many People Think Racial Profiling Is A Recent Problem

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Many people think racial profiling is a recent problem that occurred in the 80s as the news about African Americans being pulled over for “driving while black” made national headlines. “Racial Profiling,” however, has endured for decades in black communities via discriminatory conduct from Police Department personnel to the criminal justice system. Unfair practices that date back to the 1700s in the United States for people of African descent. Racial profiling is racism and stereotypes by police and others that assume the worst about people based on racially biased perceptions that are projected multiplied, adversely affecting or endangering people of a specific, race, nationality ethnicity, or religion. One of the most glaring…show more content…
In the aftermath of slavery and into the 20th century, black men in deep South and other parts of the United States were forced into new forms of involuntary servitude called convict leasing. Which is now mass incarceration where during slavery and Jim crow, and during the black code years’ black men were leased out to work on plantations and private corporations, such as the railroad or coal companies. During Jim Crow Years Black people were forced into convict leasing, via a particular set of race laws called black codes. Black code targeted black people and was used to control blacks as well as serve the purpose of enriching whites who lively hood and wealth were dependent on free black labor that was lost when slavery was abolished. Within the black codes was a law outlawing “vagrancy,” which was defined as being without employment. Thus an arrest and convictions for the so-called crime of vagrancy would require men, typically black men, to work their sentences off by working whites without pay. What’s essential to understand about black codes and convict leasing, racial profiling they violate a fundamental principle of democracy, which is equal protection under the law. In 1868 The 14th Amendment of the Constitution was drafted as a response to the black codes and convict leasing as it was clear that laws were being applied equally to

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