Many Racial Minority Applicants To Higher Education And

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Many racial minority applicants to higher education and jobs have to contend with stereotypes of their group as incompetent. Studies have highlighted a racial gap in which Black applicants receive worse evaluations than White applicants with identical resumes (e.g., Betrand & Mullainathan, 2002). One way that applicants can bolster their applications is through featuring awards and honors, which might be diversity relevant or not. In this work, we examine two types of awards, identity-signaling and identity neutral awards. Identity-signaling awards are granted by identity-based organizations and are meant to signal competence in contexts where group members are underrepresented. Importantly, they offer information about the social…show more content…
If identity-signaling awards activate stereotypes that racial minorities benefit from affirmative action, this has the potential to negatively influence perceptions of the winner of the award. Thus, allegations of affirmative action might be used to justify prejudice expression ultimately leading to unexpected harmful consequences for the award winner. The dependent variables in this study are….and the independent variables are… SIGNIFICANCE

African Americans face a number of obstacles to advancing in educational and occupational environments in the United States. Although racial discrimination continues and has negative effects on the mental and physical health of African-Americans, non-interpersonal disparities, like structural bias in education, health care, contact with the criminal justice system, and income also result in challenges for African Americans. In addition, one persistent issue that many Black American education and job seekers have to contend with are stereotypes of their group as incompetent. Individual racial minority education and job seekers can signal their competence via what we are terming diversity awards. Like Latin honors or additional certifications, these awards are meant to signal competence for the recipient. However, little is known about how these awards are perceived by White
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