Many Species of the Mammoth

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There were many different species of the Mammoth. Examples include Mammuthus meridonalis (Southern Mammoth), Mammuthus primigenius (Woolly Mammoth), etc. (Brooks, 2008). Mammoths are best described as bigger, modern-day elephants covered in a thick coat of fur and are symbolic of the ice age. This is due to their large size, their vast population of the North and South Pole, and their ability to adapt to extremely cold temperatures (Douglas, 2013). Some ways these mammals managed to survive in their environments were that their coats consisted of long, dark guard hairs and fine under wool allowing them to stay warm; the thick insulating layer of fat that was found underneath their coats and that their cheek teeth were large and made up of compressed enamel plates that were great for grinding up the tough dry grasses that they fed on. It is estimated that the earliest an elephant-like animal lived was 58 million years ago. Mammoths first lived in Europe and Asia about 2.5 million years ago and entered North America about 1.7 to 1.2 million years ago (Brooks, 2008). The last living Mammoth is approximated to be as recent as 3700 years ago. However, due to the rapidly changing environment and the increased human predation of these species, there was a significant drop off in the population of Mammoths 11,000 years ago (Douglas, 2013). Research on some of the social aspects of Mammoths showed that they often travelled in herds, where the adult Mammoths were very protective of
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