Many Years Ago People Have Wonder About Witches And What

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Many years ago people have wonder about witches and what they do. Salem, Massachusetts held one of the biggest witch trials in history since 1692 but yet have never found the rea-son why it was started in the first place. Researchers have discovered some information about those witches throughout the years. Still they have not figured out what was the whole rea-son behind the trials in 1692 and after those trials a lot more trials were more secretive unlike the Salem witches tri-als in 1692.
New England, home of the biggest witches in all of histo-ry. Many wonder could it have been that England influence all of witchcraft in 1692 during or maybe even before the Salem trials. New England has had many witch trials way before the Salem trials …show more content…

Except New England never made it such a big thing like how Sa-lem handles it. These trials in Salem were never done the proper way because the girls would just call out random people and those victims were sent it jail or hanged. Yet if there was someone to confess they were sent free. Many wonder why they never gave a chance to say their part of the story just like the girls such as they never had evidence. That was one of the reasons why it was talked about (Misogny Ergot 31).

Any who was against witchcraft was ether the rich or those who worship only one God. Others who blamed people of witchcraft were in it to own land for them. Those that were victims of all that happened in Salem during 1692 trials were left nothing. Many colonists did not really like anybody who practices the magic. They thought they were the cause of fail-ure of life, for example crop failure and baby defects. Many families were left without homes when they were released from jail. No one really had the right to explain themselves if they were accused at the Salem trials the judge did not allow it. It was ether to confess and be free or commit that there were was no part of any witchcraft around and be hanged. Yet confessing would still ruin anybody’s reputation no matter how hard they tried to prove others that they really did not do it in reality. Many just thought it was easier to say nothing and let the girls confess when it

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