”Many are selected but few are chosen” . this is a saying that not many people can live up to

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”Many are selected but few are chosen” . this is a saying that not many people can

live up to with the exception of Billy Graham whom did many great things and made a

big impact around the world.

He also owns television shows , programs , has his own website , agencies , videos and

films which are available to any one who is interested in the word of the lord.

Billy Graham was an American Christian evangelist who became quite well

known all around the world by his talent and the way he preached , and was also well

known for for his worldwide crusades preaching the word of god more than any one else

has before . (1st

Graham was also the first one to step up and try to preach The Gospel in public after

World War 2

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Ruth was not just an ordinary women she was a good option for Billy and

also had a good knowledge with the word of God which would help Billy exercise

his Christianism career and chase his dreams , she was the daughter of of a Southern

Presbyterian missionary and a surgeon who spent 17 years at China . (paragraph 7 ,

Evangelist asso.)

With her father being a surgeon in china made a big difference in her life due to

the fact that she spent her child hood in china since 1916.

Her and MR. Graham married on august 13 , 1943 after their graduation.(paragraph 3,

Staff by Billy graham )

Billy grahams First and last Pastorate after graduation was at the Baptist church in

the Chicago suburb of western springs, in which he served there for a little over a year.

While in this time he was also working up to doing bigger things such as taking over a

religious radio program from another Chicago area pastor.

He then started preaching every Sunday in the evenings, but he knew that him

being knew to the radio wasn’t going to attract and convince many people to listen so he

tried to convince George Beverly Shea to join him which Shea was a popular Christian

singer at the time ( paragraph 4, Billy Grahams staff)

After Gram graduated from college Graham became a pastor in the first Baptist

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