Mao Zedong : A Communist Dictator Responsible For The Death Of Millions

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When people hear the name “Mao Zedong”, they immediately think of a stubby communist dictator responsible for the death of millions. Although many of his reforms failed and millions died, many argue that he his “good” outweigh his “bad”. He saved the ailing nation of China, molding it to the nation it is today. Mao Zedong was born on December 26, 1893 to a relatively wealthy farmer in the small village of Shaoshan, Hunan. When he was eight, he attended a small school in his village, where he learned traditional Confucian ways. However, only after five short years in school, his father pulled him out and put him to work in his fields. There, he toiled until he was seventeen, when he convinced his totalitarian father to let him attend a secondary school in Changsha, the Hunanese capital. There, he acquired limited knowledge of science, but developed a clear written style, and an extensive understanding of social problems, Chinese history, and current affairs. During his years at school, the country of China was rapidly changing. People were tired of the ancient and ineffective monarchy system, and in 1911, the Xinhai Revolution began to oust China’s last imperial dynasty. Mao joined the Revolutionary Army and the Kuomintang Nationalist Party, but did not see any action on the front lines. The revolution was successful, terminating the several thousand year old monarchy, consequently replacing it with the Republic of China. After the revolution, Mao resumed his normal life,
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