Mao Zedong : Chinese Cultural Revolution

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In 1966 Mao Zedong started the Chinese Cultural Revolution that would change the economic climate of China for generations to come. Mao’s goal for the Cultural Revolution was to create a clever organization of the masses that would in turn lead to increased productivity starting with the youth. Unfortunately this mobilization of the masses led to massive destruction as things spiraled out of control at a very fast rate due to Mao’s creation the Red Guard- an army of youths that would seek out dissenters from the Communist revolutionary regime. The Red Guard went through the urban central cities causing havoc and were later sent to the countryside for re-education. But what type of education were the youths in the Red Guard obtaining from their years of terrorizing the Chinese citizenry? Only that Mao was the greatest and what they learned from the political propagandist “little red book” that was created to indoctrinate these youths. With this in mind the effects of this halted formal education coupled with the chaos of the Cultural Revolution has lasting impacts on China that can be seen in the present day. In China before the cultural revolution the usual pattern for schooling was that students began formal schooling at age 7, followed by six years of primary school, three years of junior high and three years of senior high school (Meng 3). This system was subsequently shattered by the Cultural Revolution. After the start of the Cultural Revolution students would
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