Mao Zedong Ideology

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Mao Zedong as a Chinese Nationalist Anthony Trang HST/REL 111 Professor Rush 12/01/2017 Mao Zedong was a man who went down in history as a terrible person who ruled with an iron fist. He was, however, a man who worked hard for his country. As defined by Merriam Webster dictionary, “loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially : a sense of national consciousness exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups.” Mao is certainly someone who would be called a nationalist. While Mao was in charge he had a few big objectives which were all for, in his eyes, the good of the country. One of his objectives was unifying China by eliminating warlords and getting rid of outsider influence. “Mao initiated sweeping campaigns against bribery, corruption, and tax evasion, among other things, in order to eliminate the previous chaos and instability that had been created in China’s fractious warlord ruled past.” The warlords in the past had caused so many of the problems that Mao had to live with as there was so much corruption which lead to there being many poor people. “A series of bad harvests in Hunan led to outbreaks of famine, and some of the desperate Hunanese formed a group under the slogan “Eat Rice Without Charge,” and seized stores of rice from the wealthier farmers. Among the shipments they seized was one that Mao’s father was sending to the

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