Mao's Great Leap Forward

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The video told us that Mao’s goal with The Great Leap Forward was to “make China the industrial equal of western nations in just 15 years” by mobilizing the country to work day and night. The idea was that if everyone worked hard together then they could speed up industrial and agricultural outputs. They thought this rate would allow them to catch up to America and overtake England in no time. One of the reasons why the outcome from this adventure was predictable is that the definition of disciplined pluralism as described by Kay is, “decentralized choices with accountability.” Unfortunately, the accountability to Mao might as well have been nonexistent. These videos described how frightened the people were of Mao and how rather than allowing him to find out that they did not live up to his expectations and discuss alternative goals, they would lie to extremes. Mao had the Chinese people forging steel that broke easily and thus made it useless. The people kept working without saying a word. When Mao decided to increase the output of grain and directed attention to the fields, he still had high expectations. Again, these were not met, but he thought they were! The commune committee did not want to cheat like this, but they couldn’t do anything about it. Party officials ignored the protests and continued to produce inaccurate numbers. Li Rui, secretary to Mao, said that the people who reported information to Mao about results “got carried away [with their
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