Map the Research Design Used by Donato's for New Product Development

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Business Research Methods Case Analysis INTRODUCTION For this project you're going to read the Donatos: Finding the New Pizza (Attached) case and answer the discussion questions. Discussion questions: 1. Map the research design used by Donato’s for new product development. 2. Evaluate the Wassup meetings as an exploratory methodology to help define the research question. 3. Evaluate the test marked Donatos used. What were its advantages and disadvantages? 4. What measurement scales would you have used on the survey that was part of the in-restaurant product tests? Writing Guidelines • Read the assignment carefully and answer each question. • Be specific. Limit your submission to the questions asked and issues…show more content…
Do you use the "No Carb" or "Low Carb" banner as did many new food entries in the latter months of2003, or do you choose a name in keeping with your positioning? "We toyed with almost 70 names. Some were clever, like 'NADA pizza,' even 'Not-A-Pizza,' and we put several through trademark search. Finally, we put three names to the test using a weekend omnibus phone survey. No Dough® was the winner for clarity of message and understanding of the low-carb benefits. All this time Donatos was watching the calendar. By December 22 it was testing the new product in two stores in Columbus. Ads proclaiming the new No Dough® pizza were featured in restaurant windows of the test stores. "Starting January 2, we usually see a 25% increase in salad sales," described Krouse. Not surprising, given that for years "losing weight" has been one of Americans' top-three New Year's resolutions. "And we wanted to own the idea of a crust-free pizza; we saw it as a significant marketing advantage." So a new product development process that routinely takes 12 to 14 months took just 6'1z months-to take advantage of what Donatos saw as a very important strategic window. On January 19, Donato's rolled its No Dough® pizza into all its 184 stores. "We like to think of ourselves as a 'smart speed organization,'" explained Krouse. "We have the discipline to make fact-based decisions but move quickly." When you order a Donato's pizza, No Dough® is one of three crust

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