Map the Research Design Used by Donato's for New Product Development

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Business Research Methods Case Analysis INTRODUCTION For this project you're going to read the Donatos: Finding the New Pizza (Attached) case and answer the discussion questions. Discussion questions: 1. Map the research design used by Donato’s for new product development. 2. Evaluate the Wassup meetings as an exploratory methodology to help define the research question. 3. Evaluate the test marked Donatos used. What were its advantages and disadvantages? 4. What measurement scales would you have used on the survey that was part of the in-restaurant product tests? Writing Guidelines • Read the assignment carefully and answer each question. • Be specific. Limit your submission to the…show more content…
Convinced the low-carb craze permeating the media was no fad, Donatos started its research-based product development process. The process typically starts with developing the product prototype, followed by employee taste testing, concept screens (where participants, usually in a central location, are shown photographs of food products, and then queried about the item's uniqueness, brand fit, price attractiveness, and the likelihood of purchase if the product were available), and ultimately in-restaurant tests in two or more restaurants within the chain.' In-restaurant tests also include participants completing a self-administered intercept surveyor, for delivery customers, a callback phone survey. In the product prototype phase, Donatos was running into problems. "We were getting in low-carb crusts, and they were awful. 'Awful' is not a good fit with who we are," emphasized Krouse. "Then we had one of those creative recognitions-people were willing to Business Research Methods, 11 e, Cooper/Schindler [pic] Donalos: Finding Ihe New Pizza eat the toppings without the crust." That changed Donatos direction: could the company market a pizza without crust. "Our director of distribution said, 'That's just goofy enough to take off,'" chuckled Krouse. "With all the emphasis on quality toppings, a no-dough pizza captured our

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