Maple Grove: A Feminist Perspective

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Maple grove is a booming community with its medical centers, corporate buildings, and boundless parkways. It’s considered a shopper’s delight with enough dining choices to satisfy even the ficklest of appetites. One minute you are driving along a busy interchange of highways with the view of the Minneapolis skyline in your rearview mirror. Next, an exquisite grey temple arises in the middle of a furrowed corn field. The temple is in stark contrast to the housing community on one-side and a dilapidated farm on the other. You wouldn’t expect to see a magnificent structure on the outskirts of a huge metropolis. It took two attempts to visit the temple because there is only one tort each day at 9:30 am, on Saturday and Sunday (not throughout…show more content…
Not only do they believe in oneness with god but, equality in race, age, and gender. In regards to females, he says it’s rather a contradiction. In the beginning it was more male orientated, yet the Hindus have many powerful goddesses that are more powerful than their male counterparts. He asks if we have ever heard of the “caste system” and goes on to tells us that it has been made illegal in India, but some of the more remote villages still practice the caste system. It’s because Hinduism is open to reform they can change with the times they live in. Mr. Mohan, couldn’t stress enough they are not here to judge. They accept all faiths and don’t condone intolerance, it’s about tolerance. He mentioned several times that Hindu’s do not need temples to be Hindu’s. Their temples are place for community gatherings, worship, and celebrations. Laughingly, he tells us because of the “30,000” or so gods and goddesses, every day is something to be celebrated. Upon leaving he gave us each a red yarn…show more content…
They bought land when it was cheap and were able to get Visa’s for several architects from India to design each temple in the likeness of the ones located in India, much smaller scale of course. The attention to detail was impressive as no two are alike. The colors inside each temple and the adornments of the gods and goddesses were stunning. Hindus typically come and pray for something that is going on in their lives. People would touch as they walked around each temple numerous times. Many brought food and flowers for offerings. One temple had six gallons of milk in front of it. The Goddess of knowledge was my favorite. Students like to come to her during
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