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Maple Leaf HR Projections The author of this report is asked to respond to a case study scenario and project the staffing levels needed for the Maple Leaf juvenile division given a number of factors as noted in the case study, as adapted and slightly altered from the class text. The justification and reasoning for those projections will be made clear and some recommendations will be offered at the tail end of this report as a way to close things out and summarize everything. Projections The staffing levels after a full year of movement within the Juvenile division should roughly resemble the following: Cutting Shaping Assembling Finishing 20 42 36 36 The outcome above is based on a number of factors. Some of them are actual hard figures coming from the case study and the rest are informed projections based on data that is less defined in terms of what it will lead to in terms of numbers. First, the ten and five percent shifts between the departments are taken into account. The shaping to assembly and vice versa shifts are both of the same percentage but the shaping department is bigger so there would likely be a net gain to the latter (even if it's one or two people). Also, the shift of people from cutting to shaping is taken into account as well as the five percent retirement rate. Lastly, some people were shifted from cutting to the other departments. While productivity gains across the board will be gained, unless/until the gains with shaping,

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