Maple School Should Allow Their Students to Chew Gum During Class

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Gum. When you hear that word you think all the different brands and flavors the world has created. There is mint, apple, banana, cinnamon, bubble gum, cotton candy, and many more. When you hear the word gum do you even think about gum helping you in school? Well, its true gum has been proven multiple times that it can improve test scores, memory, and concentration in school. Theres only one issue for some students, their school doesn't allow them to chew gum. Maple school doesn't allow their students to chew gum during class, but knowing all the benefits it can bring, it is absurd that they don’t allow it. Maple school should allow their students to chew gum during class. One reason students at Maple school should chew gum during class is that studies have found that if you chew the same flavor gum during a test, that you chewed when you were studying for the test, you will remember the information more easily.Yes, we all know those people that blow bubbles, snap the gum, and chew obnoxiously. This can be a distraction to the people working around them, but the teacher has control of what the kids do. If the student continues to be a distraction the teacher has permission to have the student spit the gum out. Serge Ohyper, from Life Science in an article titled ,Chewing Gum Increases Memory, stated, “The chewing motion gets the blood flowing to the head, the researchers suggest where it improves memory, according to how quickly you recall information” (Ohyper 1). Since

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