Essay on Mapping Compensation Strategies

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Case Assignment Still Your Turn – Mapping Compensation Strategies, p. 57.- Do the first two questions in the gray box. Please submit a map modeled after the one on p. 48. Q 1: Summarize the key points of your company’s strategy. A1: Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry (TLFJ), LLC sells its high-quality, affordable fashion jewelry through special events, home shows, and catalogs. The jewelry is not only fashionably distinct, but is made of the finest quality materials. Cubic zirconium and Austrian crystals are used so that the jewelry is not only affordable, but breathtaking and beautiful! Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry is delivered through consultants to customers via home or office shows, personal shopping, and catalog orders. TLFJ is very…show more content…
• Competiveness- Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry compensation is based on your level of commitment. It was created to allow men/women the opportunity to start their own business, balance life, earn more income, and have financial freedom. TLFJ offers quick and easy start-up process, quality training and support, flexible hours, the ability to purchase jewelry at wholesale (which gross 50% profit), recruiting commission and the opportunity to your own boss. • Employee contributions- TLFJ offers professional opportunities to develop your career or follow your passion. The options are unrestrained and anyone can join full-time, part-time or as a seasonal consultant. • Management- There are many levels of management who represent the company such as Diamond Executive Vice President, Platinum Director 1, Emerald Director and each of those levels are based on your current active team to assure things are done efficiently & in order according to the policies & procedures. Q2: What are the key differences compared to the strategies of Microsoft and SAS? A2: Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry (TLFJ) is alike to Microsoft and SAS. One the most distinguished differences between the two companies are the alignment with ownership. At TLFJ, the upper management has made the final assessment on pay. She also stated that each consultant had an influence on determining their pay as well. In the section of work/life balance, Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry was equal with
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