Mapping The Mind Body Divide Essay

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Mapping the Mind-Body Divide Samantha Markham Kaplan University There is proof of a strong connection of Mind-body. It has been “strongly suggested that the higher cognitive and limbic emotional centers are capable of regulating virtually all aspects of the immune system and therefore play a significant role in health and disease.” (Micozzi, 2011, p.100) What this means is the way you live on a day to day basis affects your health and well-being. This includes behavioral factors, biological factors and even social factors. We need to keep in consideration our entire self, including the way we think all the way to our physical being when it comes to assessing our health and well-being. Our body and mind work together to make our wellness and health. You must look at your physical well-being, emotional and psychological well-being when reflecting on your current health status. It is important to look and contemplate our mental state daily. How is our physical state? Are we doing the physical activity requirements daily? Are we going through depression or stress? With all this in mind how are we able to ensure that are body and mind are working together to keep us healthy and not against each other to make us unhealthy and creating homeostasis? To start the assessment on my physical health it is imperative that I know and fully understand what determines that I am in good physical health and what steps must I take to determine what my current fitness
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