Mapping the Future Essay

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Mapping the Future Technology and computers have revolutionized many of the aspects of our lives. Many professions and businesses have used technology to their advantage and completely changed industries. One profession that has drastically changed because of computers and technology is cartography or mapmaking. The impact of technology on geographic information and mapmaking has led to new techniques and skills for these now computer-based jobs and careers. New technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the Global Positioning System (GPS) have emerged in mapmaking. There are also new Internet-based map services including MapQuest and MapBlast as well as other digital maps. Before…show more content…
In the early 20th century, mapmaking increased significantly, especially as aerial photography became the newest technology involved in cartography. The modern cartography revolution is with computers. Because computers are able to process information at instantaneous speeds and store large amounts of data, they became a crucial instrument in making maps. One of the most important computer-based programs for maps is known as Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS is a system of hardware, software, and data for collecting and analyzing information about areas of Earth’s surface (Chrisman 12). This information system uses a database of information about geographical features that exist. Maps can then be created on a computer using this data. The computer allows users to produce a map that can represent various combinations of data. GIS is particularly efficient because you can layer these types of data on a digital map to view multiple maps simultaneously. You could, for example, view a population density map with a land cover map or lay historical maps on top of one another. This can lead to a faster way to perceive information on a map. Because of quicker processing time, people can use the digital maps to make decisions in less time and with more information available to them in many unique forms. These forms are the various maps that can be created with GIS. As mentioned above,
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