Mapquest Case Analysis

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* Current Situation
Actually, the company is well positioned in the consumer’s mind and in the market because of its good strategies over the world. This company has evolved because at the beginning it was a company focus in mapping, printing and location information businesses, but then with the technology evolution they improved and adapted its products to the new market tendencies.

* Key Question * How MapQuest could maintain its position in the industry and how it could increase its cash flow?

* FIVE PORTER FORCES’ ANALYSIS * Bargaining Power Buyers
The power of buyers is high because this company depends of the businesses and consumers’ demand. This is because they can decide where to buy
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* Take advantage over the competitors with the use of the data base that they have. | WO Strategies: * Make merger and acquisitions in order to improve the marketing strategies. * Improve their advertising using new methods. | Threats * Potential competitors * Substitute products * Enhancement in technology evolution * Consumer preferences * Changes in the market | ST Strategies: * Make innovations for being over the potential competitors. * Use their financial position for acquire new technology. | WT Strategies: * Innovate and relaunch new products. * Keep contact with potential suppliers for long terms. * To do contract with suppliers. |

Recommendations: * Getting product and image developments by increasing marketing operations. * The technology plays a roll very relevant in MapQuest, so the level of technology must be enhanced in order to get performance in cost efficiency and gain competitive advantage.

* IFE MATRIX KEY INTERNAL FACTOR | WEIGHT | RATING | SCORE | Strengths | | | | | | | | * Brand image | 0.15 | 2 | 0.3 | * Good quality | 0.15 | 3 | 0.45 |
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