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Web-based software, storage, and other services are enticing alternatives to do-it-yourself IT. But different cloud vendors have different strengths. W HEN PEOPLE TALK ABOUT “plugging into the IT cloud,” they generally have something very simple in mind— browser access to an application hosted on the Web. Cloud computing is certainly that, but it’s also much more. What follows is the longer, more detailed explanation. With so much happening in the technology industry around cloud computing, InformationWeek set out to define the megatrend in a way that helps IT professionals not only understand the nuances, but also make informed decisions about when and where to use cloud services in lieu of on-premises software and systems. Cloud…show more content…
One of ploy on-premises software and servers. More than the first vendors in this 370,000 developers are on board. emerging market more Amazon Web Services weren’t aimed initially at big than two years ago, Amabusinesses, but enterprises are tapping in for the same zon is a good starting reasons that attract small and midsize businesses—low point for any business up-front costs, scalability up and down, and IT resource technology organization flexibility.To better support large accounts, Amazon betrying to decide where gan offering round-the-clock phone support and enterand when to plug into prise-class service-level agreements a few months ago. the cloud. For instance, if S3 availability falls below 99.9% in a Amazon’s cloud goes by Selipsky is wooing developers to AWS month, customers are entitled to at least a 10% credit. the name Amazon Web Amazon isn’t foolproof—its consumer-facing Web site and it Services (AWS), recently suffered a series of outages and slowdowns. consists, so far, of four core services: Simple Storage Amazon hasn’t morphed into a software-as-a-serService (S3); Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2); Simple vice vendor, but startups and other software develQueuing Service; and, in beta testing, SimpleDB. In opers are using AWS to offer their own
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