Marathon Essay

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Topic: How to train for a marathon?
Marathon defines any long-distance race. Marathon training is about personal challenge, but should be fun and enjoyable. A marathon will help you discover the strengths you never knew you had. Training for a marathon is important in daily life because running is the easiest sport in the world and testing your body’s limits pushes people to go further and further. There are three way training for a marathon such as maintain proper nutrition, train smart and safe and has a good physical and mental.
First of all, nutrition is very importance to train for a marathon because it will bring full of the power and performance to the runners. The runners must take the balance diet and cannot skip anyone of the meals
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For example, the runner’s can eat oat bread and drink some milk as their simple breakfast. Hearty carbohydrates will give the runners a boost of energy to jump-start their day. The runners will be staying power to keep their body going strong over next three to four hours until lunch by taken protein. . In choosing the type of lunch, runners must focus on blend carbohydrates, protein, and vitamin such as grain, rice, fish, meat, fruit and vegetables. According to the JB BARDOT (2012) the runners can eat some bananas to pack an energy punch and sustain their blood sugar before training. Bananas have high fiber because it can soothe to the digestive tract and help to avoid constipation. It also helps to protect against muscle cramps during workouts. At the night, the runners advised by Layne Norton(2015)that consume less of carbohydrates because they will be going to sleep soon and their metabolism will slow down. Those carbohydrates will have…show more content…
Firstly set a personal goal and establish a focus utensil is an important process. This is because it helps to estimate and overcome own weaknesses. By setting a sharp, clear and precise target that can be measured and proud of achieving these targets. This help to see what may have previously appeared to be a long meaningless grind. So, improve self-confidence helps to recognize own ability and competence in achieving the goals that had set (Pavey,n.d.). Other than that, mental training is also important for a marathon runner. Mental skills can contribute to the success and committed to becoming the best beyond limits. These skills can be improved with instruction and practice. Marathoner must have these mental skills: maintain a positive attitude, self-motivation, positive self-talk, effective management of emotions, stay focused. These skills will help marathoner can ride out the storm and arduous task to gain experience and become well prepared for every match. At the same time, better physical training will help marathoner become well prepared. Before running, marathoner should warm up to avoid injury. In fact, the injured runner statistics each year is 66% which is higher than the professional football (Fitzgerald, 2014). Warm up will increase the structural strength of bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles ability to withstand the impact of
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