Marathon Is A Running Event

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Marathon is a running event that commemorates the 25-mile run of a Greek soldier from the battlefield near the town of Marathon, Greece, to announce the victory ahead, to the anxious citizens of Athens.

Modern day marathon is participated by runners in thousands, that came from all walks of life, different experience level and from different parts of the globe. Some are born to run a marathon, but most just started by taking small stride and training for their first run.

I did my first 3 years ago, when my wife signed me up exactly one month before the event (she did her first the year prior) that it was like a baptism with fire.

Imbued with her credence and encouragement, I did it anyhow and I crossed the finish line of this
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It was not really my first career choice as I have another motivation in mind then.

However, in some way I got fascinated and curious after hearing the orientation and learning the nature of the work that upon admission almost instantaneously, I picked up the Surgical Technologist text book and started perusing the pages to get a glimpse of what is ahead.

This is the same in the days after I got registered to run my first event and how I ardently developed fortitude and a desire of finishing my first marathon that right away, I began researching and reading information from running publications about doing a marathon.

Eagerness and being resolve are feelings I remember stepping into unfamiliar grounds, or I should say the open road as a runner and the operating room (mock at the beginning) as a surgical technology student.

The long stretch of open road and the hills that you must run, mile after mile to build stamina and the long lectures and instructions both in the classroom and in your clinical site, that you must pay attention to gain proficiency seems to be daunting at first. But, my enthusiasm grown out of curiosity and ambition is what drives me; both on the track and in the classroom, to move up to the different levels of my training and learning.

Taking small steps and pacing myself to
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