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Old Dog, New Trick
When my daughter, Marisa turned eleven, a friend at school told her about an event the YMCA was sponsoring over the summer called, “Kids can do 26.2”. It was to promote kids staying active during the summer. I helped her train and get ready for the race for ten weeks. The day before the race, we went to the Amory to pick up her bib and t shirt.
The armory was a flurry of activity with sports, snack and other race vendors. I saw a slim, very fit woman setting up a booth. I picked up one of the pamphlets she laid out on the table. “Moms in Motion” it said. “Hi,” she said extending her hand toward me. “I’m Deb. Are you a runner?” I smiled and shook my head. “No, I’m too old to start that”. She laughed.
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My pace was about eleven minutes per mile. I didn’t care though. I was doing it. Alayna and I eventually picked a five mile route and were surprised when we completed it without incident. I shared with Linda my desire to run in the marathon that fall. She suggested we start out doing the half. “Its 13.1 miles”, she said. “You can do that.” Alayna said she would do it with me. We agreed that the half marathon would be our marathon.
Training for the half takes about sixteen weeks. We started the second week of June and followed the running schedule Linda gave us, incorporating local 5k runs to get us used to the race atmosphere. We saved our long runs for the weekends since neither of us could afford to spend two-three hours running in the morning before work. My family and friends were supportive and encouraging. My friend, Lynn, who has always been an avid runner, doing the Boston Marathon twice, was probably the most encouraging. “I’ll pick a few stops along the route and will be there in case you need anything”, she said. I truly didn’t know what to expect, but took in all the advice I could from others who knew what they were talking about.
Race day! I told Alayna I would pick her up a little before six a.m. unsure of how the traffic would be. The race started at seven thirty a.m. I got up early and got dressed, got my water ready, my fruit snacks-(a tip from Lynn) and stretched. I had told my husband not to
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