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Critical Issues 1) Location: Thomas has to choose the right location so that it would maximize sustainable revenue stream in the long run. 2) How should Thomas market her store with $10,000 promotion budget to attract maximum attention from the community? 3) How should new store offering catering option so that it can generate additional revenue and be competitive over other MSC stores that also have catering option? Analysis Marble Slab Creamery is a strong healthy business that has more strength over weaknesses and more opportunities that could cover threats (Exhibit 1-SWOT Analysis). By selecting the optimum location, MSC could avoid direct competition which is strongly impact the company. Location decision would directly…show more content…
The only disadvantage of this location is that it is far from Thomas’ house; however it takes her only 45 minutes to drive from Vaughan to Oakville, the cost of gas and traveling time is not significant compare to the benefits that the store will gain at Oakville location. Selection of Target Market for Promotion The advantages of young adults ages from 15 to 25 is that they have some or full independence when spending money, and have disposable income from summer job or part-time or full-time job, they also have desire for social interaction and handing out to ice cream store could be one of the social activities (Exhibit 6 –Demographic Analysis). However, the disadvantage of this group is that they are hard to attract and they are more appeal to lower price products because they do not earn a lot of money while in school. One of the biggest disadvantages of this group is that it contains only 8% of the population in Oakville and 13.87% in Vaughan. Young adults are not a big market for the company to generate revenue goal. Women are a large segment to target because it includes all women mostly over 25 years old. Since this group is more health concern, they might not response favorably to ice cream. Even though MSC has fat-free frozen yogurt for customers with more health conscious, this is not the core-product of MSC. The advantages of focusing on families is that taking kid to ice cream store is one of the family
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