Marbury V. Madison Case

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Marbury v. Madison Marbury v. Madison was the case that was considered a landmark concerning judicial review in regards to the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. What had taken place was that the President at the time had appointed a group of men to the positions for justices of the peace and for the District of Columbia, circuit judges, which included in the group, William Marbury. Later they were subsequently approved by the senate. After approval, President Adams signed the commissions and then were given the official seal of the Secretary of State John Marshall, who had eventually became the Chief Justice presiding over the Supreme Court. There was plenty of conflict during that time involving the recently made Democratic/Republican parties of Thomas Jefferson and the Federalist party headed by John Adams. These commissions were to be delivered, but were not. After which the newly elected President, Thomas Jefferson had come into office in 1801 and had ordered them to not be delivered because he said they were not valid due to not being delivered in time before Adams Presidency ended. The conflict that this started was when one of the approved men, William Marbury, decided to 'petition the Supreme Court for a Writ of Mandamus, or legal order '. This was in order to have new President Jefferson 's Secretary of State James Madison deliver the commission. Marbury was wondering why he was not going to be able
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