Marc Antony

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Someone is not born with greatness, they are destined with greatness. Achieving greatness in leadership may be hard to maintain, keeping it and being known for your greatness is even harder to accomplish. Greatness can be achieved through military victories, being appointed a high officer, known as a political figure and considering the lower-class citizens. Many leaders strive to reach being one of the people’s greatest leaders, but many fail. However, there is one in particular who was capable of achieving the position of being known as ‘one of the people’s greatest leaders’. Marc Antony, who served with Julius Caesar, was known as one of the people’s greatest leaders for being a warrior,
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Playing a part in many military quests made Marc Antony a great military leader in the eyes of Rome, and making him known as one of the people’s greatest leaders. In the days of Julius Caesar, it was Marc Antony who was the second most powerful figure in Roman politics. He was a subordinate to Julius Caesar in the command of his armies and he was an influential figure in Roman politics. Antonius becomes a tribune of the people, an office with considerable political power; include veto power over legislation passed by the Senate. With this Marc Antony, being a high- political figure, he served in a tribune, a group designed to represent the rights of lower-class Roman citizens. Soon after, Marc Antony is elected one of the two consuls of Rome; chief officer, this was the highest legal administrative office in the Roman government. Therefore, Marc Antony was appointed into the government, making him a high-political figure and looked up upon from the lower-class citizens of Rome, this is how Marc Antony achieved being one of the people’s greatest leaders. Marc Antony formed and was a part of the second Triumvirate. The second Triumvirate was a three-man ruling group to rule Rome, formed to fill the void in government left by Julius Caesar 's death. Octavian and Antonius agreed to a sharing of power. They, along with Lepidus, are designated by the Senate as a Triumvirate with dictatorial powers for five years. Octavian, Antonius and Lepidus
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