Marc Brown Research Paper

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Marc Tolon Brown was born three days after Thanksgiving on November 25, 1945. Marc Brown was first exposed to the art of storytelling as child growing up in Erie, Pennsylvania. He had three sisters, with whom he would sit and listen to many stories that his grandmother would tell. Some of these stories were intended to inspire her grandchildren. Some were told to teach, and many stories were told for comfort. No matter the reason, these stories had a long lasting impact on Marc, and his childhood relationship with his grandmother was vital to his career as a writer.
It was actually his grandmother Thora that inspired Marc Brown to write stories of his own in the later years of his life. In addition to his writing abilities, Grandma Thora was
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The aardvark was the main character, and most of the characters were inspired by many of his family members and friends. He would change the names around some, but he made sure the characters had the features and traits of some his closest relatives. The only name that Marc Brown chose not to change in the series was his grandmother’s. Arthur’s grandmother in the series was also named Thora. He named the teacher of Arthur’s third grade class Mr. Ratburn, for whom his character was an actual rat. This character was based off of Brown’s most hated teacher from his childhood. Arthur’s best friend in the novel was a bunny named Buster Baxter. Buster was a creation based on Marc’s childhood best friend. Marc Brown says that his best friend was the class clown growing up, and was always in trouble; therefore Buster took on the role of a jokester in the novel. Some other characters included Sue Ellen, who was based off of Marc’s childhood crush. Perhaps one of the most famous characters was Arthur’s younger sister, D.W., whom was a combination of Marc’s three sisters. D.W. was a pest, but Arthur would do anything for her. This is exactly how he felt about his sisters
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