Marc Jacobs Re ( Marc JacobsFull Cover Foundation Concentrate Is Truly A Full Coverage Foundation?

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Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate is truly a full coverage foundation. I tested this foundation during the past five months and here's the deal with this foundation. Packaging The packaging looks good, however if you are not a fan of your foundation being a a glass container you might be a little disappointed. For me I thought it was cute minus the dotter applicator. The applicator is not sanitary. They really could have done better by adding a pump instead. img_2940 Scent Most foundations have a scent and this one is no exception. The scent is not overwhelming - it disappears within minutes. However, if you prefer your foundations scentless you should try your best to get a sample. Coverage Firstly, I never…show more content…
Color Range The color range especially for chocolate beauties is insufficient. There are about three or two colors that are somewhat chocolate beauties friendly. I wish there were more colors in this foundation, so just beware that you might not find your color match within this line. img_2960 The cocoa medium was not my match, but I made it work by using a darker powder to set the foundation. While this method worked for me it's a bit extra considering the price of this foundation. Applicator The dotter applicator could have been replaced with a portion control pump. The foundation could be easily contaminate using the dotter applicator. With the price being $55.00 plus tax for most buyers the least they could have done was add a pump. While I understand the concept behind the dotter a pump would have been sanitary. Dry Patches Many foundations I tried clings to dry patches when I do not adequately prepare my skin prior to application and this foundation is no different. Before I apply foundation I usually exfoliate and moisturize properly, but there are sometimes I am lazy and I skip this step, some foundations are lenient but not this foundation so
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