Marc Stewart Analysis

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As I have shown time and time again Marc Change seems not to be able to keep his story straight. and his story changes depending on who is asking the questions and what his agenda is at that moment.

In this interview, Stewart writes "I asked a number of questions and got many conflicting answers, mostly about the number of dogs that were allegedly saved and the slaughterhouses, he’d closed down." This does sound incredibly familiar in just about any Marc Ching story.

At one time the Animal hope and Wellness site said Marc Ching closed down 10 Slaughterhouses. When Ching denied it, the reporter showed him the AHWF website and Ching changed his tune and now claimed he had paid the slaughterhouses not to sell dog meat during the festival. Your
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It was an amazing victory that I doubt anyone could have pulled off except for Coach Marc Ching. Even clapped when it was over and Marc Ching was carried off the field for all his incredible work in securing this history making game.

So would any reader actually tweet "We love you marc" or ""You're the greatest ever" based on what we wrote here... The answer is no but they do when Marc sends out his big announcement posts with the same exact amount of detail as I placed above.

Read Martyn Stewart's Story ACTIVISM GONE BAD IN YULIN, CHINA. You'll quickly discover that it pretty much matches what we have been saying about Marc Ching's lack of credibility and his willingness to lie to his followers to produce a response that would not only bring him personal adulations but also undeserved donations.

Wildlife Planets belief that Marc Ching is nothing more than a fraud, looking for stardom and fame rather than actually saving dogs grows stronger with each passing
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