Marcel Duchamp And John Cage

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This essay will demonstrate how two revolutionary artists, Marcel Duchamp and John Cage still play a significant role in contemporary art practice and theory today.
During the early 20th century, Marcel Duchamp was influenced by the emerging artistic movements such as Dada and Cubism. He experimented with Cubism briefly and attempted to capture time and motion in a cubist style painting. He endeavoured to “detheorize’ Cubism in order to give it a freer interpretation’. Inspired by his time lapse photography, Duchamp painted ‘Nude descending a staircase’ which would ultimately change artistic practice forever. Duchamp submitted this piece to the Salon des Indépendants 's spring exhibition of Cubist works. Nude descending a staircase became instantly under fire from Cubist art critics and even Duchamps own brothers. The hanging committee refused it under grounds that "A nude never descends the stairs, a nude reclines." They asked Duchamp to either withdraw it or change its title. Duchamp removed the painting however refused to paint over the title.
Duchamp’s compared his depiction of a nude in abstract motion similarly to that of building a machine, with geometric and mathematical precision. In this instance the mechanical aspect of Duchamp’s work I feel relates to the scientific developments during this time period. For example, concepts in technology and space such as the first radio transmission system in 1897, the x ray machine and the Wright Flyer.
The painting was
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