Marcel Duchamp Tradition

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It is often said that tradition, like history, is continually being recreated and remodeled. To what extent did writers, painters, and composers of the early twentieth century deliberately break with tradition? How did they accomplish that goal?

Starting in the 20th century time has only change tradition dramatically whether it's bringing new ideas to the world or moving unto old traditions. I see a lot of traditions including the way we dress, art, and even music bringing back the past. For example Marcel Duchamp was an artist that had a huge impact on the 20th century. He believed art should affect the mind, much less the eye. He created the "Fountain," which wasn't object rather than a painting. Although the art piece was denied
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Marcel Duchamp said an artist should be a destroyer of tradition. What did he mean? What is one of his works that displays this idea?

Henri Robert Marcel Duchamp was an American painter, sculptor, chess player, and writer. He is a man that took responsibility for significant development in painting and sculpture. He forever changed the world and had a huge impact on the 20th century. He believe that they should do away with so much art that impresses the eye and rather make them mind travel. Duchamp once said, "An artist should be a destroyer of tradition." By this he believed a persons artwork should be different than any other, causing it to stick out dramatically. One example would be his art piece the "Fountain". His work was not easy to bring to attention considering it wasn't beautiful and was an object. His masterpiece affected the world greatly and more people started following.

9. On the internet, find a picture of Duchamp’s “The Fountain.” What do you think of this in terms of being art?

A man by the name of Marcel Duchamp came to the United States due to his creation of the "Fountain". The art piece had become an anti-rational, anti-art cultural movement in New York. He purchased the fountain from J. L. Molt Iron Works and brought it to his studio re-orientating it 90° from its original position of use and wrote on it, "R. Mutt
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