March Madness Essay

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What I Discovered during my Research Before I investigated March Madness for my research paper, I already had an excessive love towards this event. Ever since my favorite team, the University of Florida Gators, capped off a great season with a national championship over Ohio State, college basketball has played a significant part in my life for the near six months that it is on per season. If my love for sports was paired with my love for knowledge and history, then it is expected that I would be familiar with much that has already happened in the game’s history. While conducting my research, I was pleasantly surprised to find several sources with information that I was unfamiliar with before. One of the biggest fears when I started my…show more content…
One of the aspects of March Madness that I wanted to introduce was the brackets and the growing popularity of filling them out. This source provided more than enough information for me to do this, as I was able to show how popular filling out brackets has become and how idiotic filling out brackets is as well. Before conducting this research, I had a general idea of both of these realities, but this study really took these measures to the extreme to get their point across. The point that the authors make is that regardless of how small of a chance that one has of winning a bracket pool, it is still fun to fill out a bracket and hope for the…show more content…
First of all, I believe that I should have found at least one more source that I could have used extensively in my paper. The biggest issue that I had was trying to stretch out my research paper to five pages, so the addition of another great source would have probably benefitted me in that regard. Secondly, I feel as if I procrastinated the start of this assignment. I believe that my research could have been even better had I decided to start working on the assignment earlier. After reflecting the results of this assignment, I will certainly attempt to work on these changes in the past in order to progress my
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