March Of Penguins

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In March of the Penguins, the author explains in a subjective point of view that it’s not the fault of another animal for needing to feed by eating the penguins. For the Penguins, they survive many harsh winters and attacks from animals such as the Sea Lion, because of this show of strength in one of the world’s harshest of environments, the Author admires these Penguins and how they live. Ways they show their loyalty to their home and ways they survive this hellish place are simple, yet extremely hazardous tasks. To get back to their mating area, the first group of penguins, the males, must travel an extremely long distance to make it back to their home and meet up with the female penguins that have been waiting for a very long time. Though the females are starving, they continue on…show more content…
During the nighttime storms, they huddle closely together to keep warm and switch from inside to outside so each penguin gets to feel warmth that is at the center. After all of these storms, the females are on the return from the water. Some eggs may have been lost in the storm so the mothers of those chicks will not have a child to feed. For those who have survived, their child is awaiting food from the mother. After feeding the child, they pass it back to the mother as the father is in need of food. Before departing, the Father and Child sing to each other to remember who is who after the father returns from feeding. As time passes, these chicks slowly grow older and get much larger, eventually losing their baby feathers. During most of their growing up stage, they are left alone as they are old enough to look out for themselves and that of their fellow penguins. After they are old enough, they walk out to the waters edge that is now much closer as it is now summer time again. They jump in and resume the process that has been repeated throughout the generations and will soon make the march
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