March On Washington March Analysis

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I marched in the Women’s March in Indianapolis, Indiana on January 21st. I longed to be with men and women in Washington D.C, but could not make the journey. After attending the Women’s March on Washington panel, I learned you did not have to be present in our nation’s capital for your voice to be heard. The atmosphere of the marches was indescribable and filled with love. Prior to the march, I was nervous for the marchers across the world. It was interesting to learn that the students on the panel, did not feel caution toward this march. For some, it was overcoming the judgment and ridicule they received from family and friends. Yet, this march was one of the largest protests in history, but also one of the most peaceful. I was in amazement…show more content…
I believe the marches across the globe had the same loving and supportive atmosphere. The students on the panel believe it is due to female biology. Females tend to not cause violence or disruption, while males are not communicators and can not express their thoughts and feelings as well. Also, women are more organized and take on the “mom leader” of this organization. For example, one panel member recalls getting fed snacks all day by the people around her. Women were prepared with snacks, water, band-aids, and winter gear for the chilly weather. The panelist recalled how they only saw one group protesting the march. I was fearful the March on Washington would draw negative protestors who protested against equality. Well, it was interesting to learn the group only saw one “anti-abortion” group by the Washington monument. Though, the ridicule and protestors were heard after the protest. The panelist and I both believe the marches were inspirational. While we were marching and surrounded by positive and loving people, it felt as if we were in our own bubble. Then, once the march ended and the ignorance of the outside world showed. The panelists handle the supporters better than I do. They rise above and continue to fight the good fight. While, I question their thought process and try to learn their ignorance. Overall, I believe the marches were similar. The panelists encouraged to keep fighting and the citizens of America are the ones who can make a change in America. I am excited to get involved in this fight and movement for equality for men and women across the
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