March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom of 1963

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Over 200,000 demonstrators participated in the March on Washington in the nation’s capital on August 28, 1963. The purpose of the march was to gain civil rights for African Americans. There was a wide diversity in those who participated, with a quarter of all the demonstrators being white (Ross). Even southern people came to contribute which caused them to be harassed and threatened for coming to the march. The March on Washington became a very successful event for the rights of African Americans, and amended several peoples’ view-points towards the topic, even President John Kennedy’s. “The president feared that it might make the legislature vote against civil rights laws in reaction to a perceived threat. Once it became clear that the…show more content…
No one had a clue how many would actually come out to help the support in the capital, but as previously stated there were over 200,000 people that showed up to participate. As the people protested they marched from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln memorial. All the civil-rights leaders of the “Big Six” spoke at the march. However, James Farmer could not attend the march because he was imprisoned therefore he had Floyd McKissick speak on his behalf through Farmer’s own speech (Ross). The peak speech celebrated during this event was when Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King said his speech which became to be known as the “I Have a Dream.” The one female speaker was Josephine Baker, who introduced several "Negro Women Fighters for Freedom," including Rosa Parks” (Ross). Police were everywhere at the rally, but they were not needed because the protest was non-violent and was more of a civil and peaceful protest. Prayers were a big part of the March on Washington and lead to everyone rejoicing the moments made. The musical acts were a key part of the demonstration and brought a way of celebration to this event. The speakers and the singers preformed on the same podium with the same microphone (Tomasky). Songs that were sung at this event became very popular and got on the top billboard charts and are still recognized today. A huge performance was made by Bob Dylan, a man well known to this day, and also a woman named Joan Baez. The musical acts were
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