March to Freedom: Edith Singer

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Not only was she able to keep herself a live, but she also was able to push, and help other’s to survive. Edith does not lose her faith in God, and is able to transfer her faith into other’s that she cares for. Her faith also leads her to keep her mental health during the horrible times she and other Jewish people went through. The Nazi soldier’s did not give the Jewish people any type of mercy which made the holocaust even more horrific than anyone can imagine. After Edith, her mother, and sister were sent to a concentration camp, they had to learn to survive all on their own. During their time in this concentration camp, Edith was forced to work on a empty stomach without food; however, she persevered and turned to her faith to mentally, and psychically push herself. She was even able to help her friend(Rachel) with friendship, with can help a person mentally, considering how lonely most, if not all the Jewish people had felt during the holocaust. Edith stole clothes, blankets, and food for herself, and other’s in order to survive. In addition to this, she also sabotaged ammunition for the German tanks during World War II, therefore helping the world by disrupting Nazi Germany’s tanks, and possibly saving lives. During Edith Singer’s time in the concentration camp, she had to steal blankets and food her, and family…

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