Marching Band Analysis

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During the past year, I have made several contributions to the marching band. Most profoundly, I made up one of four drums working in sync to combine separate parts into one. Without my presence the music would be disjointed when played. As part of percussion, my contribution to the band is providing a steady and consistent rhythm to support wind instruments. More broadly, I have contributed my time to attend all practices arriving on time, and meeting outside of school for additional practices and sectionals. On the other hand, I have also helped other members of my section with music when needed, Lastly, I have helped stay after on occasions to clean up, load, or help unload equipment.

While participating in marching band, I have also gained many new experiences, friendships, principles, and musician skills. Deciphering music can be a challenge year to year, and each year the music has continued to expand my capabilities as a musician. Apart from the musical component, marching band has taught me true meaning of teamwork to achieve a common goal. Specifically during the last marching season, I learned the importance of
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For example, I care about helping the other members of my section improve their musical talents in an effective way. In doing so, I believe less experienced players should be helped in ways that do not make them feel humiliated while in the process of learning. Furthermore, I also believe everyone makes mistakes, and am willing to own up to my own and accept full responsibility instead of blaming others. In addition, I will ensure effort is put into marching band the entire season in order to accomplish what needs to be learned and performed without becoming lazy. However, I believe that when the effort is put into the show to be successful and everyone tries their hardest, fun can be had because musicians should enjoy their final
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