Marching Band Essay

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What is your stereotypical marching band geek? Weak, thin, and clumsy, having broken glasses and always seem to be holding their instrument? Well if you think that, then you are probably right. Many band kids seem to appear that way to the general public, but if you take a more in depth look at your band kids, it may surprise you what you will actually see. What even is marching band? Marching Band, as described by Merriam-Webster's Dictionary as ¨a group of musicians who play instruments while marching together at a parade or sports event" is much more then that definition. There are many more types of marching band then a typical football halftime show. Parade marching, are bands who will march in parades (duh) generally down the…show more content…
Being beautiful and athletic are not mutually exclusive, in fact, in our modern society if you are not athletic and fit, you are not seen as beautiful. So why can they not be put together? Or can they? Is Marching Band an Art? According to a poll sent out to a group of 10th grade students at Elk River High School asking if Marching Band is seen as a Sport, Art, or Both, 47.6% said they would only consider it an Art. So is it an art? Marching Band is an Art. This is true. Much time goes into making a show, and getting every detail and set practiced to perfection. A Marching Band's main goal is to provide entertainment to the people who choose to watch them, through the combination of peppy music and jaw dropping drill sets to get the crowd going. Or is it a sport? But could it not be considered a sport as well? In the same poll given out to 100 10th grade students at Elk River High School, 71% said they had seen a marching band, 44% said it could be considered as both a sport and art, but only 2.9% considered it just a sport. Does
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